• We have chosen our breed dogs with a great caution aming at homogenity.
  • At the weekends we take part in exhibitions on look which we finish with good results.
  • We go to watch dog trainings with our dogs so that beside an excellent look and health they can be put on work.
  • With the puppies we put an emphasis on socialization, premium feeding and they get a special product to protect their joints.
  • After taking puppies we stay in contact with the new owners and give them help.

Write to us!

Please get in contact with us with the help of the form underneath if you look for an excellent cane corso puppy to breed or for a family as a hobby. We will answer in 48 hours.

Have You Got A Question?

Please write a message to us and we will soon answer in e-mail.

It’s need for move is big. It can accompany it’s master for hours without the signs of tiredness.

It’s highly recommended beside children. We can be proud of our dogs, thanks to our breeding principles and the breed’s character, they are family loving, good watch dogs and they have an especilly good health state.

Minden új gazdához kerülő kölyökkutyával a következő csomagot adjuk ajándékba, ezzel is segítve, hogy gyorsabban beilleszkedjenek szerető új családjukba:

  • A puppy food package
  • The dog’s documents
  • Worm drive medicine
  • We hide a tiny present in it

We follow special principles during breeding puppies, among others we have them got used to noises and hand so that they will be calm dogs when they grow up.